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Laurie Rumery Arts Council Laurie Rumery started working in leaded glass over 30 years ago when she took her first stained glass class at Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois, and a love affair with the amazing medium of glass began. Although Laurie received her B.A. degree in music from UCLA, she has gone on to study glassblowing at the studios of the University of Illinois, Hands On Glass in Corning, New York, and Centro Studio Vetro in Venice, Italy; pate de verre techniques at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, New York; glass bead making with Kristina Logan at a workshop in Traverse City, MI, and various regional workshops on fusing and torchwork in Central Illinois. After having been the co-owner of a glass blowing studio, Laurie has moved on to work out of her own workshop producing pieces of fused, slumped and torchworked glass. Artistically inquisitive, Laurie has recently studied the art of watercolor with Donald K. Lake, again at Parkland College, and hopes to introduce elements of that technique into her glass work.

Glass intrigues me and speaks to me in all its forms - hot, warm and cold. What other medium is so versatile and so beautiful? You can cut it, break it, melt it, layer it, the possibilities seem endless! I never tire of seeing a finished project emerge from the raw materials. Glass is a form of miraculous magic - a union of medium and artist working together. Sometimes I lead and sometimes the glass dictates the outcome. Whatever the case, the beauty of the glass shines through whether the result was planned or serendipitous. My goal is to create pieces which cause others to see and enjoy, as I do, the miraculous beauty of glass.

I read a statement attributed to an anonymous artist once that resonated with me: "Creativity is a willingness to make mistakes; the Art is in knowing which ones to keep." I try to let myself be free from the fear of making mistakes and see where happy accidents can take me.